Healthy Eating

We feel home-cooked, healthy, nutritious meals are important in ensuring children are ready for the day ahead, alongside promoting active learning and development.

At Woodend we offer a large variety of options ensuring that there is something to suit all children’s tastes and requirements. 

The manager has nutrition training and enjoys developing healthy nutritious meals on a varied menu for everyone to try and enjoy.  We encourage children to be adventurous and offer a large multi-cultural menu offering home cooked food for a balanced, healthy diet.

Home cooked Lasagna, pasta pesto and turkey and Chicken Korma are a firm favorite!

Fresh water is available through out the day been offered around the rooms.

We have 5 menus for Spring, summer, Autumn and Winter that rotate on a 5 weekly cycle, all menus have the allergens in bold and are displayed in the entrance for parents to view.

We offer a Breakfast between 7:30 and 8.30am offering a large variety of healthy cereals, fruit and wholemeal toast, poached eggs alongside milk or water.

Morning snack includes an array of healthy options in a buffet style allowing children free choice, including a range of fresh fruit ensuring children make healthy choices.

Morning Snack:9.45am Babies and younger toddlers are closely supported by key workers and encouraged to try and self feed when ready.

Morning Snack: 10.15am older toddlers and pre school enjoy making choices pouring their drinks sharing and joining in with key workers chatting learning about  the healthy snack choices they make and using table manners.

Between 11:45am and 1pm a healthy lunch and pudding with a choice of fruit and water through out. 

2:45pm we have a healthy snack with different choices of fruit to accompany the snack.

Also we offer a late tea for children who require it.


A Typical Menu


Our daily menu will provide your child with their all important 5 a day portions of fruit and vegetables.

Examples: Breakfast, snacks and lunch Menus

Breakfast: Selection of cereals, wholemeal toast, boiled eggs and fruit

Morning snack: Crackers, cheese and grapes or humous, breadsticks and cucumber. All served with fresh fruits or vegetables

Afternoon snack: Banana Loaf, Quiche, scrambled eggs on toast. All served with fruit and vegetables 

Children help lay the tables and learn table manners. They serve each other with drinks and snacks.


Lunch: Roast of the day: Mash potatoes, cauliflower cheese  and Yorkshire pudding.

Dessert: Bananas and custard


Lunch: Chicken Risotto with Broccoli

Desert: Strawberries and cream


Lunch: Homemade Lasagne with carrots and garlic bread

Dessert: Semolina with a fruit puree 


Lunch: Chicken Korma and long grain rice

Dessert: Fromage frais and Mixed Fruit platter .


Lunch: Fish pie with minted peas

Dessert: Rice pudding and raisins 



We provide home cooked pureed fruit, vegetables and different cooked meat meals adapted to be safe and nutritious for babies under 2 years old. 

After 12 months of age our meals are prepared or adapted appropriately.

Our Mini Chefs love cooking!

The Children do a lot of cooking at nursery and will often eat what they have made that day, for example homemade quiche would be made by the children in the day as part of activity and then often eaten for afternoon snack along with salad. 

Claire has nutrition and healthy eating training and complies 5 week rotation menus each season.

We show sensitivity in providing for children's diets and allergies. 

We collect eggs from out chickens an we eat our seasonal fruit and vegetables from the edible garden to serve with meals. We can provide balanced meals for any type of specific dietary requirements including vegan children.

Please let us know if there are any foods your child dislikes so we can provide an alternative for them.