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Baby Bunnies

Baby group

Baby Bunnies aims to provide a safe and stimulating environment to provide a platform for early development. We ensure that children feel safe and secure and we do this through providing a loving and homely environment from which your child can be inspired and develop from an early age.

We believe strongly on continuity of care especially at this young age and throughout your child’s time with us a  key worker will there to build up good relationships with yourself and your child. We also provide a second key worker for absences.  The manager works closely with all parents and is always there to answer any questions you might have. Claire is a very hands on manager and works closely with all babies and  children  across all areas of the nursery assessing  practice and your babies and child’s development.

Why is ‘Baby Bunnies’ special to your child?

  • Specialist Trained Practitioners with up-to-date training specific to early years, alongside a homely environment to nurture your babies development.

  • Experienced and fully qualified staff work from 7.30am to 6pm: We believe continuity of care is paramount at this young age to ensure children feel safe and secure in there play and development.

  • A vast range of stimulating resources and activities and experiences: Tummy time to aid your babies brain development,   dancing to different music and rhythms using ribbons and bells.

  • Beautiful woodland walks and activities in our ‘outstanding’ natural outdoor space: we feel we provide a unique safe  environment for baby to explore and grow – including sand pit soft play and large gazebo for babies to stay safe in the warmer weather. Hug a bunny and stroking the nursery  newly hatched  chicks is a favorite.

  • Planning for activities based on children’s individual interests ensuring that children are enjoying what they are doing! Children are encouraged to make their own choices through free exploration, with opportunities to explore treasure baskets containing natural objects-shells, leaves, acorns, shiny materials, woods and textures and much more.

  • Sensory room: With strobe lights, bubble tubes and light box, soft music and aromatherapy, story  baskets, children of all ages benefit from a unique sensory experience.

  • Home Learning:  Sharing books and activities with our parents with  ideas to support your babies development.

Baby Bunnies: Activities
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